It Makes Me Laugh, This Photograph.

Okay, so it’s the first official ‘opening day’ of this blog and I’m currently writing from Windows Live Writer, so let’s see how this works out. Hopefully it won’t go awfully wrong. I’ve only just got the hang of WordPress, as it is. Anyways. I wasn’t sure what to write about today, and I had a number of things whirling around in my head, but I’ve decided to stick to a safe subject for now. Although I, myself, could be considered a teenage photographer, I am going to be referring to the young men and women that have taken the far reaching corners of the internet by storm. This segment will most likely come each week, considering this is a fond subject of mine, and so if anyone has any unheard of suggestions, then please feel free to comment below.

The first ‘contender’, Sita McVay, who is more commonly known as Sita Marie on the community of Flickr, is a photographic pioneer at the age of eleven. Described as “probably the coolest 11 year-old on Earth”, she likes happy things, tickle fights and long car rides during which she’ll listen to the Beatles, and Regina Spektor; despite her status as one of many very young, and very talented, photographers she remains level-headed and handles her newfound fame with unabashed ease. Every single image has an ethereal and very child-like quality to them, highlighting the fact that she is indeed still a child; the portraits of her sister, Beth (also a Flickr favourite), helps to evoke a sense of the bond that the two share.


Her photographs consist of honest portraits, both human and animal, experimentation with film cameras, and images of friends or family situated in golden fields, enchanted forests or placed against a backdrop of sturdy fencing. There is nothing artificial about Sita’s pictures; she takes whatever she feels like without the inhibition of trying to be perfect and technical, or having to work for someone else other than herself. Her self portraits are innocent, and filled with natural light, her post-production brief and sometimes done by her sister. And yet despite this, her images have a serious and mature undertone, demanding that people sit up and pay attention.

Her set-ups are small and never elaborate. They have the look of someone who’s just decided that she will include her bicycle in the image, but only at last minute, and only to see what it would look like. Sita seems ever curious, too busy exploring the world around her to construct huge sets, or to enlist a hoard of models. A very large number of her photographs have made it to Explore (a page that shows the images with the most views, comments and favourites in a short time), and that has helped to project her view of the world into a more public eye.

Despite her age I believe that Sita will, in time, become an even bigger phenomenon than she is now, and luckily, because of her youth, she’s way ahead of everyone else.

To see more of Sita Marie’s work visit her Flickr page at:

All photographs in this article belong to Sita McVay.

~ by robinmessyhead on October 5, 2009.

9 Responses to “It Makes Me Laugh, This Photograph.”

  1. beautifully written lianne – you described what makes her photos good so well

  2. Sorry I messed up. I copied your article just to have since Sita is my neice and i accidentally pasted it here instead of somewhere else. Feel free to delete that. I had written this comment:
    Sita is incredible and darling! She truly has a gift! Nobody would ever know how young she is by looking at her professional looking photos. Love you Sita!!

  3. Sita McVay is one of my most favorite people :). (Actually, all the McVays are pretty cool) I met her about a half year ago at a summer camp in Missouri. Not only are her photographs priceless and unique, her outlook on life, and her personality shine through in everything she does. I can honestly say Sita is going to make something of her life.

    We need more people like her in the world.

  4. ahh that’s the sweetest!
    thank you all so much! i love you guys!

  5. Sita is my darling! I am her Grandmother and was so delighted to see this article you had written, robinmessyhead! Sita, as all her sisters and brother have very good values, morals, and standards. She is an adorable child and I love her dearly.

    • I’m glad that you’re pleased with it. I can tell through her work and her enthusiasm that she’s a good person. I just hope that all of my blog posts on here are received with the warm welcome you guys have given this one :]

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