The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowing in the Wind.

Despite the short time in which I had to think of a subject to discuss for today, my choice was a relatively easy one. The person in mind popped up on my Twitter a few days earlier after a lengthy absence, and her products have always inspired a fashion based lust in me. The knitting superstar known only as Yokoo has been a member of the Etsy community since late 2007, and during that time has sold 805 pieces from her entirely handmade and extremely unique collection of hats, scarves, chains and necklaces. In an interview with the creators of Etsy she quite convincingly tells us that she is “just like everyone else”, yet the answers that she gives leads us to believe quite the opposite; she is a woman of incredible depth. Although slightly flustered by her newfound fame in the fashion world (fans include Gwen Stefani and bloggers such as 13 year-old Tavi Gevinson) she seems fully capable of whipping out exciting new ideas, constantly surprising customers with unusual takes on winter- and autumn-wear.


Oatmeal Supascarf, above.

The most notable and the most versatile items in her shop would have to be the often multi-coloured, sometimes long, sometimes short, and almost always chunky, Chain range. From the ‘Sweetheart Chain’ to the ‘Braided Chain’ in Pony Grey there is a colour to suit every taste, and each piece can be customised to the wearer’s needs and wants. No two brands are alike, and the materials vary between each item, but with her hard working approach to business (as well as knitting; eight hours are taken out of each day to knit) it is plain to see that every single customer will receive a well made accessory at the end of the day.

Yokoo has never been one to follow the crowd. She admits that she creates for herself more than anyone else, and that has never been more obvious when you venture into her online store. Although it’s rare to hear of men wearing her knits, she is a woman who works a strong, masculine feel into her larger pieces, yet still manages to produce a softer, more feminine touch in her headbands and pompom shoe attachments. Every single piece is a statement. It shouts out that the person wearing it does not care about what the general populace wants and feels about fashion. Her Tote Bags are practical and hard wearing, and could be shouldered by just about anyone. In short, everything she creates has purpose.

The Sweetheart Chain, above.

Recently, alongside her ravishing knits, she has ventured into the world of printed scarves and t-shirts, sparking rumours that there will be more to come in the near future. Even though they seem minimal at a brief glance, once you really examine them you realise that they still have that unique perspective, that bold, underlying comment on what people want to wear and what they think they should wear. The “Printed Body Scarf” has been done in grey monotones, but the sheer size of it increases the impact; despite not being a “girly-girl”, herself, she still manages to cater to them extremely well. The fact that she uses herself as a model for every single photograph highlights the eccentricity of both the creator and the creations, allowing us to see her individual stamp.

If you would like to see more of Yokoo’s images then visit her Flickr account at: Or if you would like to buy any of her fantastic creations then click on the address below.

The English Thompson in Mint, above.
All images in this article belong to Yokoo.

~ by robinmessyhead on October 6, 2009.

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